Uncovering Individual and Collective Human Dynamics from Mobile Phone Records

Julián Candia, Marta C González, Pu Wang, Timothy Schoenharl, Greg Madey and Albert-László Barabási
Candia, Julián, et al. "Uncovering individual and collective human dynamics from mobile phone records." Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 41.22 (2008): 224015.
Publication Date: 
June, 2008

Novel aspects of human dynamics and social interactions are investigated by means of mobile phone data. Using extensive phone records resolved in both time and space, we study the mean collective behavior at large scales and focus on the occurrence of anomalous events. We discuss how these spatiotemporal anomalies can be described using standard percolation theory tools. We also investigate patterns of calling activity at the individual level and show that the interevent time of consecutive calls is heavy-tailed. This finding, which has implications for dynamics of spreading phenomena in social networks, agrees with results previously reported on other human activities.