Structural bottlenecks for communication in networks

Sameet Sreenivasan, Reuven Cohen, Eduardo López, Zoltán Toroczkai, and H. Eugene Stanley
Sreenivasan, Sameet, et al. "Structural bottlenecks for communication in networks." Physical Review E 75.3 (2007): 036105.
Publication Date: 
March, 2007

We consider the effect of network topology on the optimality of packet routing which is quantified by γc, the rate of packet insertion beyond which congestion and queue growth occurs. We show that for any network, there exists an absolute upper bound, expressed in terms of vertex separators, for the scaling of γc with network size N, irrespective of the static routing protocol used. We then derive an estimate to this upper bound for scale-free networks and introduce a static routing protocol, the “hub avoidance protocol,” which, for large packet insertion rates, is superior to the shortest path routing protocol.