The Role of Information and Influence in Social Networks

Michael Davern, David S. Hachen Jr.
Davern, Michael, and David S. Hachen. "The role of information and influence in social networks." American Journal of Economics and Sociology 65.2 (2006): 269-293.
Publication Date: 
May, 2006

This article examines two mechanisms through which social networks are related to job mobility: (1) access to diverse sources of information about job openings and (2) nonredundant sources of influence. Using data on job changing and social networks among television station managers, we assess the extent to which job information and influence variables mediate the relationship between social network structure and getting a better job. Results indicate that there is an association between job mobility and having nonredundant contacts, but our measures of the information and influence mechanisms are not significant mediators. We conclude by reexamining the network-resource model that forms the basis for much of the research on the relationship between social networks and job mobility.