Modeling a Store's Product Space as a Social Network

Troy Raeder, Nitesh V. Chawla
Raeder, Troy, and Nitesh V. Chawla. "Modeling a Store's Product Space as a Social Network." Social Network Analysis and Mining, 2009. ASONAM'09. International Conference on Advances in. IEEE, 2009.
Publication Date: 
July, 2009

A market basket is a set of products that form a single retail transaction. This purchase data of products can shed important light on how product(s) might influence sales of other product(s). Departing from the standard approach of frequent itemset mining, we posit that purchase data can be modeled as a social network. One can then discover communities of products that are bought together, which can lead to expressive exploration and discovery of a larger influence zone of product(s). We develop a novel utility measure for communities of products and show, both financially and intuitively, that community detection provides a useful complement to association rules for market basket analysis. All our conclusions are validated on real store data.