eSeniorCare: Technology for Promoting Well-Being of Older Adults in Independent Living Facilities

Dipanwita Dasgupta, Kimberly Green Reeves, Beenish Chaudhry, Mayra Duarte, and Nitesh V. Chawla
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Health Informatics (ICHI)Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Health Informatics (ICHI)
Publication Date: 
October, 2016

The aging population (seniors) maintains a strong desire to remain independent as long as possible while maintaining their physical health and emotional well-being. We have witnessed a growth in technological solutions delivered as Apps on mobile devices for health and wellness. However, several challenges remain in their application to assist seniors in the dimensions of health and wellness. They fail to provide sufficient connectivity and a level of usability that is appropriate for seniors. To that end, we are developing a tablet-based application, eSeniorCare, to integrate various components of health and wellbeing targeting successful aging. Our design and development followed an iterative process involving feedback from the participants. We conducted a 31-week study of the application with 16 participants at an independent facility in collaboration with Memorial Hospital of South Bend. Our study found that through the use of the application, participants demonstrated improved technological health management skills and decreased risk for depression, suggesting that eSeniorCare represents an important step toward improving senior care and quality of life.