Enhancing the Scale-Free Network’s Attack Tolerance

Zehui Qu, Pu Wang, Zhiguang Qin
Qu, Zehui, Pu Wang, and Zhiguang Qin. "Enhancing the Scale-Free Network’s Attack Tolerance." Complex Sciences. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2009. 1823-1826.
Publication Date: 
February, 2009

Despite the large size of most communication systems such as the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW), there is a relatively short path between two nodes, revealing the networks’ small world characteristic which speeds the delivery of information and data. While these networks have a surprising error tolerance, their scale-free topology makes them fragile under intentional attack, leaving us a challenge on how to improve the networks’ robustness against attack without losing their small world merit. Here we try to enhance scale-free network’s tolerance under attack by using a method based on networks’ topology re-constructing.